Never give up

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This poster represents the resilience of the Japanese people.
The lotus symbolises birth and rebirth, and the red lotus in particular represents love,
compassion and passion (much of which is needed for the people of Japan).
The lotus is a flower that is born from the mud of the earth,
fights its way through the depths of the water to bloom into the air and sunlight.

 all profits from the sale of this poster will go to the Canadian Red Cross efforts
for the victims affected by the recent tsunami and earthquakes.

This post card is made by Linda Yuki Nakanishi
She is Art Director, Designer, Artist & Multimedia Design College Instructor

And here is the Special Link ; poppytalk post "link love  to Japan "  Thank you !

Dear my friend .
have received that your special message and prayer. These are the biggest support for us.

Now japanese become ONE !! Thank you very  much all the people and  world !

Junko Nakase

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  1. sad and beautiful. my prayers...my thoghts these days so often in Japan

  2. beautiful...tomorrow i will be silent for you, japanese people!!!! be brave and never give up

  3. Dear Junko! All our prayers the last week has been about our brothers and sisters in Japan. I hope you get the help you need. There are so many people caring for you here in Norway. Don`t give up! Japan will blossom again! My blogroll are full today of people supporting Japan, I hope you can feel the love!

    Best og wishes,

  4. thinking of you and your country. so glad that you are OK.


Thanks for the comment!

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