Cal Lane

Just see the Cal Lane

Artist Cal Lane created these awesome steel sculptures.
see more beautiful work  Cal Lane 
facebook community page Cal Lane
Cal Lane on artnet here

You Tube Delicadamente rígido - Obras da artista Cal Lane

You Tube-Cal Lane, Sweet Crude (french)

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  1. Thanks, Merci pour la recherche....moi je n'avais pas trouvé...kisses..

  2. >Moulinette
    You're welcome !! I was impressed to see her work first on the net. She is wonderful.

  3. I'm so glad to find her here. I saw pictures of her work a while ago and lost the details so she became in my head 'that woman who makes the fantastic filigree metalwork' but I had no way to trace her. So thank you!


Thanks for the comment!

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