Have a nice weekend !!

 In Japan, started rainy season since day before yesterday.
I miss blue sky....


inspire + interior

Look this luxury Apartments !!
 Remixing Lisbon
Renovation of a "Pombalino" in the heart of Lisbon




 all photos © Fernando Guerra und Sérgio Guerra | Architectural Photography


Oh Monday !!

Do you have any plans this week?

Have a wonderful week !!


inspire + interior

Super beautiful rustic house !!
Tempering an all-white palette with natural wood and stone
designer Paige Sumblin Schnell creates a relaxing retreat on the shores of Lake Martin.


Found a SHOP


Handmade Vegan + Organic Soap from Portland, OR!

All images from {prunellasoap}

Soap is one of my favorite things. Personally, I use DURANCE Marseille soap every day.
I find this shop on Etsy,  look!! very cute wrapping.Please visit prunella soap !!!!


Happy Mother's Day

My mother is not here .....I can't talk and touch to her anymore.

But she'll be in my mind still  now....and  Forever.

Thanks my beautiful MOM !!

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