Sakura from Japan

Many thanks for your love

One month has passed... from the major earthquake and tsunami.
But ,still we have a big problem of nuclear Hukushima.
This one month, people are thinking and talk about naturally,resources, energy...
Now, what do we do for the future?

A gift from heaven, sometimes harsh, sometimes great. It is a message of love from you !!!
We got the gift greatly from all over the world.. Thank you.

Thank you !!
With LOVE ;Junko (paonote- room269) from Japan.

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  1. beautiful flowers!!!!! big hugs!!! xoxo

  2. Good to hear you're okay! We try to understand your situation - how difficult it must be, and uncertainty about how the future should be! Thoughts and best wishes to you...
    Hugs Tina

  3. >Cez
    Big hugs to you, Thank you !!
    I wish you spend great time with your friends and family every day. hugs!! junko


Thanks for the comment!

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